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Ode to Azrin

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I love my youngest sister.  She’s such a perfect blend of sarcasm, cynicism and bluntness and it complements her razor-sharp tongue. If she hates you, she makes it known in the harshest and most sarcastic way possible. She doesn’t give a fuck as to what people say about her and somehow, she’s managed to make like-minded friends.

I still remember some of the things she would say in our normal course of conversation (Red’s hers, Green’s mine);

*Watching Unrest, a B-grade horror-flick centred around a hospital backdrop*

“What does the OR stand for on that door?”

“Operation room, duh.

“Oh… you mean not the O-mergency room?”


*Staring outside for god knows what reason (to fully appreciate nature?)*

“Oh look, a squirrel!”

“Yeah, I see ‘em a lot. They’re always running around in the front yard.”

“Aww… poor squirrels. Too bad we took away their habitats and they don’t have a place to live in and now they have to eat the garbage from every house and grow into giant mutated squirrels.”


*Random *

(In a British Accent) “You know dearest sister, I am rather fond of that… that elegant classical dance, wot do you call it? Wot? Street dance?”


*Me griping about UiTM*

“UiTM this… blah blah… Malays that… etc etc…”


“Why are you so silent? Are you thinking about what I just said and agreeing with it?”

“Um… no. I’m just wondering why you think I care.”

*(In a similar breath as to the one above) Talking about something that pisses me off*

“…So that’s what gets me mad.”



“Hey let’s go eat something I’m hungry.”

*Complaining about losing her Vincci shoe at her hostel*

“It costed me RM50!”

“So what do you want me to do about it?”

“Well I have your bank card and pin number.”


*Back from Usher’s recent concert in Malaysia*

“Aziemah! It was awesome!”

“Stop making me jealous.”

“No really, it was! He’s so sexy it’s okay if he wants to rape me.”


Such an impertinent, arrogant and insolent person.

…I’ve trained her well.


Written by aziemah

July 21, 2010 at 2:53 am

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  1. azrin went to usher concert… and didn’t invite me?
    this is what you call familyy???!!!

    heh, u went to uitm?


    July 21, 2010 at 5:29 am

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