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Nokia’s ‘iPhone Killer’ N97 First Release

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Just this morning I was rudely awakened by this annoying thing called sunlight (Curse you sunlight!) at 10am and sensing an urgent need to relieve myself, I hobbled in a half-stupor towards the lavatory. Just 5 steps away from the bathroom door, my other housemate beckoned in a frenzied manner towards her room. She was forcing me to get in, and I felt a slight pang of annoyance intermingled with a slight desire to pee on her. I dragged my footsteps towards her room, my mind still muddled by the remnants of sleep as I bumped into the cupboard that’s in the middle of the second floor hallway (do not ask).

She had a huge grin plastered on that Pee-On-Me! face and I was about to bark at her when she started pointing excitedly at a black box. I didn’t have my glasses on then, so I squinted long and hard, my mind still registering the shock of being shown a black box. (Oh wow… a black box… Shocking, thrilling, exciting, etc etc…). Just then, her boyfriend/scandal waved something white in front of me. It fitted snugly in his hands, and its opaque whiteness drew me in.

And then it clicked.


There in his hands, was the resplendent, opal white N97 and it ired me that he waved it in a nonchalant manner instead of putting it on a pedestal and kneeling before it. I was about to ask the exact price he paid for it, when my friend interrupted eagerly;

“It’s my birthday present!”

Then and there, my jaw dropped to the floor. Internally, I was cursing at the two, muttering to myself “Stupid spoiled rich brats. I hate all of you rich brats.”, before they made another announcement;

“We’re giving you my old phone!”



What she was more excited about was not the phone itself, and as show-off-syndrome has it, this attracted her even more.

Not sure if the number denotes the serial release, but if she says it does... then it does.

Not sure if the number denotes the serial release, but if she says it does... then it does.

The fact that it was the first N97 phone to be released in London. As proof, they also showed the letter from Nokia that refers to him as the first customer for the N97.

I resisted the urge to persuade her to sell it on eBay as a first edition and snatched the phone from his insolent hands screw them both asked politely to toy with it, and they nicely agreed. I half-expected to be disappointed but I was monumentally disappointed by the fact that I wasn’t disappointed. I was a prospective disappointment that turned out to be not disappointing to my disappointment.


Response time was minimal, if non-existent. Physical keypad usage was a breeze (major upgrade) and touch-screen sensitivity was significantly better than the previous N-series. The placement of side buttons (Both physical and touch) was creative and strangely gave me a sense of novelty. Even the stylus design had me blubbering nonsensically. They all originally thought it was a small pendrive added as a free gift. The earphone looks and feels expensive, and I’m loving the wire enclosure and its fibre optics-inspired design (supported by the phone’s 3.5mm audio output jack. Win win win. It’s a bit to the lighter side though).

It boasts a 32GB internal memory, with a memory card extension of up to 16GB and that’s another win-win for me. If it promises extended battery life (yet to be ascertained), then I might have strike the 3rd gen Zune player from my wishlist and go for this phone myself.


It opens up to a full-sized QWERTY, except for the usual displacement of the space bar button that’s minimised and placed to the lower right. It takes only half a second to get used to, unless you have three broken fingers in which I broke out of pure jealousy from seeing that you own this phone. This is not one of the cons, but the fact that it opens and closes rather awkwardly (and loudly to boot) turns me off. It reminded me of how flip and slide phones gets easily damaged because of the lack of smooth open/close movement. The fluidity leaves much to be desired. The green and red LED-lights you see on the right side of the phone (refer to above picture) strongly contrasted the rich feel of the porcelain whiteness with its plastic, toy-like feel.

The phone is bulkier than the Nokia 5800 but that obvious statement is to be expected. It might turn a lot of owners from donning skinny jeans (a blessing in disguise) so I’m expecting this one to be a hit-or-miss for phone lovers. The phone also uses a different charger jack which comes with an adaptor for the old one, and I’m wondering if Nokia’s gonna standardise this HTC-like charging outlet.

The camera’s decent enough; boasting a 5-mp resolution, and I’m not too sure if I’m asking for too much but Nokia still pales in comparison with the other phone brands in the market in the camera phone sector, namely LG and Sony.

Lastly, I was disappointed by the lack of better functions. You would expect a phone that generated so much hype would cover a lot more new and mind-blowing functions, but it turned out to be pretty standard. The advertisement that showcased Myspace, Friendster and Facebook, sans Twitter might attract a lot of people, but it seems like a cheap trick to me. Nokia uses Symbian OS and I am of the opinion that although sufficiently satisfactory, it still needs to go through a major overhaul. In this technologically-relevant world, we get bored easily and the entertainers need to step up their game, not pander just to social networking website whores.

One final hat-trick from me. Now the friends I have here are spoiled, check; rich, check; brats… well maybe one or two, which means that they have a lot of goodies for me to play with. So far, I’ve had my fair share of playtime with these phones;

The Nokia E63


The Blackberry “Javelin” 8900


Last and I swear, god-friggin’ least, the iPhone 3G


And my final decision?

If you want to get a phone that annoys you the most, get the iPhone.

If you want a standard phone for standard usage and a standard price, get the E63 or its more expensive kin, the E71.

If you want an eye-candy phone with satisfactory functions and best value for money, get the Blackberry Curve.

If you want to die of starvation;

price yowza

Get the Nokia N97.

Edit: So alright, I’ve been very interested in this particular website which purportedly gives you free items, such as £200 worth of Amazon Vouchers, Xbox 360 S, iPod touch, iPhone 4G, iPad and the one I’ve got my eyes on: a 250GB PS3. After extensive research, I’ve been able to preliminarily determine that it’s a valid website with valid offers, so I’m going to need your help in getting that PS3 (and determining for myself this isn’t a waste of time) as it accumulates credit by the amount of referrals you’re able to garner.

I need 15 referrals.

Thus, try to register here (Do the LoveFilm offer, it’s for free if you cancel before the 14 days trial period):


I’ll post an update if I manage to get all 15 and personally refer back to you as to its validity.


Written by aziemah

June 19, 2009 at 12:29 pm

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  1. […] aziemah wrote an interesting post today onNokia's '<b>iPhone</b> Killer' N97 First Release « Of Happiness and ValiumsHere’s a quick excerpt […]



    June 21, 2009 at 2:47 am

  3. those are some really nice friends, you got there. see whether they’ll give u anything else. anything that would interest ME.

    and the E71 isnt wow wow fantastic boom. and too many people’s having it. boo…


    June 21, 2009 at 3:27 am

  4. aha..so dis is the fon yg u tunjuk kt i(dgn belagaknyer)?…i was thinking dat day…fon ape tuh??
    oleh sebab i xnk kecikkan ati u..i pure2(pura2)mbls dgn jelesnyer(wat the heck is she’s holding?) ;p


    June 21, 2009 at 8:48 am

  5. Hi ziemah….now i know what phone to get. Los the one uncle nas bought for me. looked at some N71 last week at low yatt, rm1400++ on the high and rm1100 on the low end…depends on which supplier u get it from….waaa…u guys like to curse lah….

    auntie kat

    October 16, 2009 at 5:20 am

  6. Heey guys,
    Im cool x]
    thaats all there is to Saay x]



    November 27, 2009 at 10:34 am

  7. I have the original Nokia N97. Photos are great during the day but the flash just creates white streaks over the image at night. I hope they have fixed this problem on the mini


    July 21, 2010 at 3:01 am

  8. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

    ip camera

    December 2, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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