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Remember when I said the Malaysian community in London is especially close-knit? I’ve made some few good friends here, met some annoying ones, have despised some others and forged what I hope to be a close bond with a few that stand out in my books. I’m featuring four of ’em, each identified by yours truly by single adjectives;



Despicable; and


It’s your call to mix and match the faces with whichever words you deem befits them, but here they are. Also, I believe these pictures represent each in the light of their own seven deadly sins…










Huh what? It’s not a sin? Whatever it should be one. Here are chronological pictures of us (I took most of ’em whee :D). And hey, if you noticed that we had a colour theme for this particular outing to Barking’s own Park, then congratulations. You have the unique talent of pointing out the obvious.


A very sorry attempt at camouflage.


Papparazzi-inspired shot, while they pretended to be celebrities. I took this… because no one else in their right mind would.


A metal fence freak accident waiting to happen…


Funny enough, they all didn’t know each was doing the Angelina Jolie-inspired puckered lips. Neither also knew how terribly they failed at it… (I’m not gonna be the one to tell them).


I think they’d be happy if I point out that oh look! Your shadows are shorter than you are, you little midgets!






Father Time!

The three previous pictures exhibit a posed remembrance of one’s lost youth… or four really sad people with too much time on their hands.


Oh wow, they remembered to take a picture of me too.


I love the colour montage. Red (sad people/us) against green (trees), against blue (sky).


Picture taken moments before I broke my back.

Here are my favourite pictures of the lot. I took ’em too! :D


Spring time (Oh hey I can point out the obvious too).


They sorta look like cherry blossoms in the distance.


The haunting sinewy vines of the trees reaching upwards to the darkening sky. Eerie.


Quick trivia. Am I really grabbing ’em? This is Nuha, by the way. Of Thai descent, which explains her exotic features. She’s capricious, easily irritable and fashion conscious… that’s why I really like her. :D


That’s Kamal… God willing, he’ll be married to another member of our little group by next year… I hope they do it here, it’d be my first wedding in London. It’s funny how budding romance can flourish into something beautiful and sacred as you’re miles away from home. How you find comfort in each other’s presence initially as friends, desolate as you are after having taken off so far away from home… and eventually developing sincere and conflicting feelings for each other as you try to sort out your friendship and desire for something more. Cliched and overused in Chic Lit, it’s a plot I didn’t think I’d witness personally. But it’s there and it’s cute. :D


Like my little friend here, Mr. Bushy-Tailed-Widdle-Cutey-Wutey-Aww-So-Adorable Squirrel. I believe he’s referring to the Names Registrar for a change soon

Anyway, have fun matching the four distinct people with the four distinct personality traits I mentioned earlier. Here’s to the theory of your face, the creases on your complexion, and the architectural, subtle nuances and inflections in your facial structure being the determining factor for your innate personalities. What’s that field of science called again? Roasted squirrel on a pit to anyone who can tell me.


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May 11, 2009 at 1:23 am

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  1. a picture post?? for me?? aww.. u shouldnt have. but i think some of ur captions were a bit too long :p

    EEEEEeeeeeeEEeeeeee!!!! *the girliest shriek u can imagine coming out from me. SQUIRREL!!!! catch it, wrap it up and send it back home!! alive, please….

    oh wait, is kamal’s budding romance with you??

    and i wanna guess the four… but not here in case i offend someone.


    May 12, 2009 at 2:38 am

    • Haha, no. Wait how did you even manage to think that? It’s with this other chick, I’ll post her pictures sometime in the future. :P

      Well you *said* i update too slowly… you want the squirrel alive? *quickly hides baseball bat* see you online when you’re free! XD


      May 12, 2009 at 2:43 am

  2. macam tau je sape annoying.. haha


    June 19, 2009 at 3:43 am

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