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A Death of A Loved One…

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So Diecisis died. Had a power trip, and then refused to load windows. I entered BIOS and did a disk check and sure enough, it confirmed that her harddisk died. In human anatomical terms, her heart stopped beating.

I’m just angry at her. I mean, I know I’ve made a new friend and life companion and all, but she didn’t have to act the way she did, dying like she did. Okay, maybe I neglected her a bit… didn’t even look at her for the past two weeks… Flaunted her new rival in front of her constantly…


I guess I should write an eulogy or commemmorate the day she died. In fact, I know exactly what to do.

Let’s show off the new Compaq even more! :D

New wallies:

User Pictures:

Siamese Satans

Grotesque Overlord

Killer Rabbit!

Peaceful Slumber

I was using this for some time, until someone told me it’s too morbid and twisted, so I changed it to match the current wally:

Which is this one:

Made the Samurize skin (the green bubble thingies) myself, with actual working media buttons! :D I’d say ‘Wow’ to my self effort, but I hate that word on account that when directed to me, it’s usually followed by ‘You look like a girl!’.

…I may now have deep-rooted psychological issues that would affect me in the future.

Anyway, can’t stop pimping Azrin up (Not my sister, I just decided to finalise the laptop’s name and at the same time express gratitude to the person who contributed money… Though it’d be cool if I can pimp my sister $___$). She’s undergone several makeovers, and now I feel like a rich husband giving my wife breast implants and botox injections which is yeah, disturbing… I should you know, what’s that word called, interact with actual living people and that like, human communication thing… Oh right, socialise.

And I’m out, yo. *Does lame hip-hop hand gestures, pimp stylez* (That would sure make me popular with people :D)

Note: All pictures were stolen from DeviantArt…


Written by aziemah

October 27, 2008 at 7:02 am

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  1. what happened to the james wallpaper.. :((

    but the 2nd green one is very nice!

    it’s my fault the other laptop died. sorry.. :((((


    October 31, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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