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The Aziemah is Here to Stay!

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UiTM has its fair share of social stigmas. For one, it’s made of one part Malay, one part racism and one part Malay.

Did I also forget to mention it’s also one part Malay?

I took my official university acceptance with a pinch of salt. I never thought I’d end up in a university with statistically lower than average standards, abysmal achievements and generally sub-par students. The strongest resentment I have against UiTM is proven by this conversation I had with someone in the very first semester;

“Man, don’t you guys feel lucky?”

“What for?”

“Well, you guys managed few measly A’s for your SPM, and you get accepted regardless.”

“I got 4 A’s, I deserve my placement.”

“Yeah well, I have plenty of Chinese friends getting straight A’s, even A1’s, with impressive co-curricular records and they’re forced to fork out their own cash to get into private universities.”

“Your point is?”

“Well you guys can hardly compare to them, and yet you get to be in a University where we pay a meagre RM500 for one semester, subsidised food, living accommodation and all these other perks. The only thing we have over these people is that we’re Malays.”

“So? They’re foreign people. Who asked them to be in this country?”


“This is our country, and they just menumpang. Who gives them the right to complain over something they don’t deserve in the first place?”


“Malaysia is for the Malays. Us. This is our right, not theirs. If they don’t like it, then they should just get out.”

This is apparently, general consensus. I knew there was something wrong about an all-bumiputera University, but I didn’t expect such insolence and ignorance. It was at this time I doubted my decision to reject the offer for Mechanical Engineering under Petronas. The course might suck, but at least I would’ve been around more educated people.

The problem is essentially, the people.

The mentality.

The culture.

I had no other problems with UiTM. I quote Irene; “First-class facilities, third-class mentality.”

You see, you guys might not be aware but there are a lot of perks in UiTM Shah Alam, despite it being the cheapest public university. Government subsidised, we’re talking about major spendings on architectural aesthetics, practical assistance to students that naturally don’t come cheap, significant allocation on study grants, up-to-date technology and the lot.

Here are my favourites:

  • UiTM Shah Alam is HUGE.
  • Decent transport system, with Rapid KL and UiTM busses having internal and external routes within the main campus.
  • Practical and very well-maintained facilities. We have an indoor swimming pool, several gyms, comfortably-sized clinics with free medical and dental service (we don’t even pay for the prescribed medicine). There’s the world-class library and updated computer labs, award-winning buildings, art galleries, restaurants, a hotel (run by students) and so much more.
  • UiTM plays host to plenty of national competitions, speeches by renowned people and copious national events. Even celebrities visit now and then and I’ve spotted a few in Menara SAAS’ cafe.
  • Food subsidy and free in-campus accommodation for those eligible.
  • Free Wi-Fi for most colleges, lecture halls, selected buildings and the likes. Under leisure traffic, I’ve gotten download speeds of up to 1000kb/s.

There’s also the man-made lake that set the government back one million and the award-winning waterfall designed by some foreign architect that cost the University two million.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, now in my third semester, as mentioned in my previous posts, I’m finally at peace. I was initially confused, but I know why now.

I’ve started to truly love my friends here.

Against all odds, they’ve charmed me and cracked my introversion. They’ve proven themselves unlike the branded stereotypes around. I’m just frustrated that I’ve only realised how much I actually like them in the third semester, when the scholarship offer to UK was granted. If I don’t fail any CAT papers, I’d probably start a new semester in London this September.

I don’t want to leave them.

Why must it be now?

PS: Another reason to love UiTM: I’m in the Dean’s list! And, I found out few days ago from an annoying classmate that retarded Magician Guy is having a semester break. That means he’s not around. One less douche bag in UiTM, and I can’t be anymore happier. :D

I wrote that last week and was meaning to post it, but there’s a new update!


My Mak Long called few days before and told me, seeing as the college I was assigned to was not a well-reputed one or anything (actually, it’s pretty crappy), then I should just not go. Studying in the centre of London would be cool and all, but if it’s at a crappy college then why bother, right?

The lecturers would be happy, seeing that they sat me down and gave a two hour persuasive talk on not leaving too soon. My uncle would be happy because he’d rather I stay in UiTM as well. I’m happy because I get to visit Australia by the end of this year with my favourite cousin. My friends were happy when I told them. Izyan would be happy because… well I would be happy because I get to eat more free blueberry cheese tarts and cheesecake that Izyan would bake.

Though… I later found out from Izyan that she and the seniors were planning a surprise farewell party for me at Sungai Gabai.


Should’ve told them after the party.


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August 11, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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  1. May I know which London college is that?


    August 14, 2008 at 2:03 pm

  2. Heard of it. Anonymous: College of IT and E-Commerce (CITEC), London


    August 17, 2008 at 4:04 am

  3. im glad ure here to stay. boleh la tgk movies lg. hahaha ^_^ no no its because i do love you!


    August 18, 2008 at 4:44 pm

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