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I went out with friends yesterday. Maynard, Irene, Sharon and I met at Sunway Pyramid to have lunch and later lengthened our meeting until well past dawn.

I really enjoyed their company and so much so, that it made me a bit bitter about my current situation in life. I don’t know if anyone is aware, but I’m currently taking CAT (Certified Accounting Technician), which is a prerequisite for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). It’s sort of like a professional course for accountancy, in which I’m skipping diploma and degree and hopefully, obtaining my professional certification in 3 years.

See, the bitter part is that I’m taking it in UiTM as an external course.

UiTM is a melting pot of harmony and love that recruits the different sorts of people in Malaysia; namely the deranged, the lunatics, the morons and the Malays (In which one might point out that there’s not much difference).

I’m not a racist (since it’s hard to be a racist if you’re against your own race) but UiTM has made me bitter. I’ve met a handful of pleasant and friendly people here, even some that I might declare as future lifelong friends, but otherwise, I’ve now formed a solid base of my perception on my own race. Let me eloquently phrase it;


Bear with me, I’m about to go into emo overdrive.

I’m going to share with you two stories out of many I have. They’re highlighted because… maybe because I’m hungry.

Here’s the first story: My first semester here, I had to pay well over a thousand bucks for my exam fees. The previous semesters, that was all paid for by UiTM though rather fortunately for me, they retrenched that policy on the particular semester I attended.

I don’t blame them when I was told the reason why.

For the previous year’s examination, numerous (note: a vast majority) students failed on exams with average passing scores of 50. That showed a staggering lack of concern for students of professional accounting.

“Maybe it was a terribly difficult course, and that they really tried their best?”

Here’s my amused face:


You haven’t tried your best if you failed at a rate of 19 or 15 or even 9 as your exam scores. You cared more about jacking off to Barney the Blardy Dinosaur if the test you failed so miserably at was actually your second or third attempt in three semesters. The President of the student accountancy board (APAcS – Association of Professional Accounting Students; pronounced as ‘Apeks’ by yours truly because they suck.) didn’t fare particularly fare well either;

He failed all three of his papers. But hey, maybe he did try his best.

I’m frustrated by how selfishly they take advantage of their position in life as Bumiputeras and that particular story pretty much speaks for itself.

Here’s my second story: My classmates and I are on the fast-track program, in which we finish CAT in a year (which is the average period for almost all private institutions, so it’s hardly impressive) and we had to take 5 subjects. One of our papers was a T5: Managing People and Systems. Out of the whole specialised accounting related subjects we had to endure, this one was special; It was fully a theory paper.

I admit it’s not a cinch but at the same time, it’s not to the point that only those with IQs similar to Albert Einstein would excel. It was mostly memorising and to some extent understanding, so all you need was effort to read and memorise much like how you treated your SPM History paper.

History was not hard, right? The reason we failed miserably though, was because we played with Barbies and Transformer figurines instead of flipping the pages of the cob-web and dust-covered History textbook, right?


Not surprisingly, T5 was the hardest exam known to mankind (or the mentally challenged students of UiTM. God I hope they never stumble upon this page).

In fact, it’s such a hard paper, that there was one gleaming diamond of a student that managed to score so excellently, brilliantly, outstandingly well, that she became a legend.

She was a student of many previous semesters, and her name was bedecked in gold for her unmatched brilliancy. It was whispered across the many years and many fresh faces of the professional accounting course and her reputation unmatched. Her score was so marked, so unachievable that it’s almost impossible for us mere mortals to challenge –

She scored a 79.


While Sunway University borne award-winning CAT and ACCA students, with average scores of probably 80 or more and not a trifle amount scoring above 90, UiTM actually had them cowering in their seats from apprehension and terror.


Here’s me beaming in pride.

…I’m hungry. Will write more later.


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January 13, 2008 at 2:44 am

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  1. .hey.sorry 4 disturbing.do u mind if i want to ask few things bout this programme?>CAT< erm.is it really hard?how many students passed the CAT and how many didnt?what about for those who never had any basics in accounting?did they done well in the exam or not?plus,im not really in to memorising.+…+
    i will be studying in this course btw.so,hope u will give me some overview bout this course.


    May 7, 2010 at 11:18 am

    • You’re not disturbing anyone. I hope I’m still in time to give you a timely (though I doubt that) response.

      Anyway, most of my friends that are doing well for the course have not had any basics in accounting. You don’t much need it, as the trend shows. It’s not particularly hard, it just depends on if you favour the subject or not. I’m not into memorising but basically that’s part and parcel of life, I guess. You’ll probably excel in subjects like financial management and cost accounting, since those uses more logical and sequential thinking.

      As for how many students have passed it… I’m not sure on the details but a lecturer once told me about 70% of the students would pass either two or more papers in one sitting. It’s not a daunting figure, but then again it depends on which educational institution you’re at.

      Good luck with the course, and – be prepared for the cliched here – you’ll surely do well if you work hard. :)


      May 20, 2010 at 1:25 am

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